Thrill Seeker


Thrill Seeker

  • (Thril see - ker); masculine-feminine noun
  • who partakes in extreme sports or activities involving physical risk
  • person with a penchant for extreme and exciting adventure

Synonyms : defiant, reckless, competitor.

Expedition in the south pole

Explore with us the raw beauty of Antarctica and learn firsthand about life in this unforgiving environment. Join an expedition on the South Pole to Zero Point, on the fascinating continent of Antarctica. This is a truly unique adventure that few people can experience.

Capture the strong winds of the South Pole on a snowkiting adventure. The unlimited white surface will be your playground for two weeks as you travel, loading your sled, towards the mythical Last Degree.

Discover the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, located on a plateau at 2835 meters above sea level. A significant drop from the pole guarantees an incredible skiing experience! If you want to be part of this expedition, you will need to be strong both physically and mentally.

Motorcycle crossing in the African desert

Have you ever fantasized about competing in the Dakar Rally? Let us take care of the bike and the camps while you focus on mastering the desert terrain.

This motorcycle adventure of approximately seven days offers an authentic view of all aspects of North Africa. It includes winding roads, mountain passes, optional off-road driving, and a night in the Sahara Desert's dunes.

This trip will take us to the cedar forests of the Atlas Mountains, the valleys of Dades and Todra, the city of Ouarzazate, and we will spend a night in a desert camp among the dunes of the Sahara. You will also have the opportunity to walk along the beautiful waterfalls of Ouzoud.

Experience the joy and thrill of winding mountain passes, straight dirt roads, and river crossings on a motorcycle in a spectacular setting.

Greenland on all fours

Discover the wild side of Greenland, our favorite playground for arctic adventures. We suggest packing an extra layer. Eastern Greenland is probably the most isolated part of this great country. It is also a place where ancient traditions are still maintained. The way of life mainly requires hunting and ice fishing in the winter and dog sledding as a means of transportation.

For visitors, dog sledding is a great way to experience the magnificent unspoiled landscape of this secluded area and as a fun way to learn about the traditional Arctic lifestyle. On this experience, we will depart from Tasiilaq for a tour of Ammassalik Island. We will see the Sermilik ice fjord, visit the small settlement of Tiniteqilaaq, where we will share a meal with a local family. The return trip will go through the center of Ammassalik Island. There we will have time to visit the town or take a walk (optional) with snowshoes to the valley of flowers. This is a phenomenal tour that takes you deep into the Arctic for a up close and personal view of the local culture.

Kazakhstan Outdoor Challenge

Pedaling through the grasslands of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, 1300m descent after being dropped off by helicopter, rocky roads running alongside roaring rivers; This is mountain biking at its absolute best!

From Almaty, we take you to the heart of the Tian Shan Mountains. Snow-capped peaks provide a stunning backdrop for your mountain biking adventure. Ride through lush grasslands valleys, up mountain passes, and through plateaus filled with wildflowers.

The only traffic will be the occasional horseman. You might even meet nomadic Kazakhs who move their flocks of sheep to these high pastures. Some of the best biking starts from the Turgen River Gorge as the dramatic landscape rapidly changes from pine trees to open rolling grasslands.

Back in the cosmopolitan city of Almaty, enjoy a walking tour through streets before heading back to the mountains and rivers.

Observation of wild gorillas in Central Africa

Through the misty rainforest of Uganda, you will enter the domain of the highly intelligent gorillas. Their natural habitat is the deep impenetrable forests, rich in vegetation and fruits.

The experience demands your full attention and requires some potentially challenging hiking to reach their habitat, but the opportunity to see the gorillas up close is unforgettable.

Fear not, as they are used to humans and are often quite friendly. Of course, the silverback gorilla, like any alpha male, will act to keep his group safe. The group consists of other males and females, and your expert guide will keep you out of harm's way.

Enjoy this unique experience deep in the Ugandan rainforest and see for yourself just how close the relationship is between humans and primates.

Mountaineering in Nepal

In order to reach the highest peaks in the world you need both a trong mind and excellent physical condition. On top of that though, and perhaps most importantly, you will need the best organization and preparation for an unforgettable adventure.

Nepal has everything a mountaineer seeks. The prominent Himalayan peaks are waiting for you, such as Kala Patthar, aka the "Black Rock," with an elevation of 5,644 meters. Climb to the next level, and the Mera Peak expects you to show all your skills and break your limits with 6,476 meters of pure rock and snow. And finally, for the most experienced climbers, the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest.

With the necessary experience and preparation, you will overcome these mountains and belong to the mountaineering elite. Come with us to the roof of the world and discover the wild Himalayan mountains with our experienced mountain guides. Take your mountaineering skills to the next level.

Survival trips around the world

Picture yourself on a survival adventure in the mountains. Get lost in a wild jungle or traverse through an unforgiving desert. Imagine yourself overcoming any of these exciting challenges and more with the help of an experienced survival trainer.

Don't stay on the shore; dive to the deepest depths, where you may encounter unusual creatures. Explore a remote island while learning necessary survival skills.

The world is full of potential challenges and has many places that will test your mettle. Are you brave enough to try it out?

It's time for your next adventure!

Pack your backpack, load your compass and get ready to conquer the most rugged and beautiful places on the planet. Extreme getaways are seeking adventurers.

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