Our Experience – Yukon

- Grizzly Encounter -

“We learned first-hand on our recent canoe trip that nature makes the rules, and we are just along for the ride.

After an early start and a couple of hours in the canoe, we decided to take a break. So we stopped at the next best opportunity onshore. We did not realize that there was a trail leading to the next bend in the river. We were about to have a little snack when we heard something cracking in the forest behind us, and suddenly there was a big Grizzly in our sight.

At first glance, it looked like it was maybe three to three and a half feet tall until it stood up and we saw its actual size. It was an incredible sight and stood more than six feet! We have never seen a bear so close, very beautiful, but at the same time very imposing.

Fortunately, we were instructed how to behave in case of an encounter, and we managed to get out of the situation with nothing but a great story to tell.”

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