Our experience – Spain

- Iberian food tour -

“We were three old friends from school with a simple goal for our trip: we wanted to eat the best of what Spain had to offer throughout a three-week road trip.

It was somewhere on the north coast of Galicia where I had the best fish of my life… no Michelin required. The best sip of the trip was undoubtedly in the Catalan wine region of Priorat. I could have easily spent the three weeks tasting wine, but my fellow travelers knew better.

On the other side of the country, near Portugal, we had Iberian ham so rich and delicious that I was overwhelmed with excitement. I was thrilled to try such a delicacy, and at the same time, saddened by the fact that it is not possible to find it in the United States. But this is why we travel!

We ended our gastronomic trip in Madrid, where we had the best tapas and atmosphere imaginable. Viva Espana!”

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