Between Land and Water

The African continent is incredibly diverse in terms of physical features and topography. One of its most notable and identifiable places is the great Sahara desert. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the lesser-known but no less impressive Okavango Delta.

This sprawling plain region becomes a lush wildlife habitat during seasonal floods, forcing the animals to adapt. Lions in the area have learned to swim and dive in pursuit of prey.

The best time to visit the Delta is between June and August when the climate is mild, and the animals are active.  You can expect to see zebras and antelopes enjoying a dip in the water. It is even possible to walk with the elephants here and explore the region through their eyes.

Entering the Kalahari Desert, the largest unbroken stretch of sand on the planet, it is clear that this is an exceptional place on earth. The salt flats of Makgadikgadi, the baobabs of Nxai Pans, magnificent Kubu Island in the north, and the abundant wildlife of Kgalagadi in the south, prove just how diverse this vast desert region is.   

Unlike other parts of Africa, where the safari experience can often feel crowded and busy with other visitors, here, you will be able to have genuinely exclusive safari experiences. There are luxurious lodges and remote tent camps, especially in and around the Okavango Delta. The accommodation can range from contemporary style to traditional rustic safari to meet various tastes and preferences.

These spectacular places are home to an abundance of fauna and flora that would provide the perfect accompaniment to a unique African adventure.

Botswana is blessed with some of the world’s absolute best wildlife and is one of Africa’s top destinations. A visit to Botswana always provides a unique experience.

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