• (pio'neɾ o, -ɾ a); masculine-feminine noun
  • from the French " pionnier "
  • person who starts the exploration of new lands
  • person who takes the first steps in some activity

Synonyms: precursor, founder, explorer.

Myths and sagas of the Vikings in Iceland

Discover the land of the legendary Norse warriors. Formed through the force of fire and ice, Iceland is a fascinating place for those interested in Viking mythology.
This mythical land, born from volcanoes and glaciers centuries ago, is blessed today with spectacular nature dotted with natural hot springs and black sand beaches.
Its volcanoes, both extinct and active, attract the attention of explorers. The steep waterfalls that adorn the iconic fjords provide an exotic touch that seems otherworldly.
Immerse yourself in Viking lore by hearing their sagas and trying their famous mead, a drink worthy of the Norse gods.
Iceland will provide you with a unique and unparalleled experience. Its unmatched iconic landscape will connect you with past lives and incredible stories of the "Vikings ".

In the footsteps of Darwin

Experience untouched landscapes and extraordinary wildlife up close on these “Enchanted Islands”, which inspired and led to the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin.
Explore the four islands that Darwin investigated and walk these grounds of the great naturalist. Appreciate the struggle for existence in animals and plants' habitat, under all circumstances that favor some and disadvantage others.
The Galápagos, made up of 13 critical islands, offers incredible flora and fauna biodiversity, perfect for a traveling pioneer. A visit here is an opportunity to see natural species in their maximum splendor.
Declared a cultural heritage, the Galapagos Islands are the natural habitat of many exotic marine species, ready to be studied and admired.

On the path of Marco Polo

Follow the famous explorer Marco Polo and discover the secrets of China
Cathay and Mangi, names that he gave the north and south of this region. Marco Polo told stories of magic and spells, enriched by Chinese art. This vast country is undoubtedly appealing to the pioneer traveler.
The terracotta warriors, 8000 life-size figures created by Emperor Qin Shi Huang, were buried in the belief that the emperor would still have the troops under his control.
The Forbidden City is the world’s largest historical palace complex, covering over 72 hectares.
The iconic great wall is an attraction like no other, and we can show you the best places to experience it.
China has an endless supply of mysteries and unique places to explore, making it a complete historical destination.

Highway 1 " Harley Davidson Experience "

A great American road trip has two primary ingredients: a scenic route and a great vehicle. It simply does not get more scenic than the route along the California coastline. It is hard for those who like the wind in their hair to beat the iconic Harley Davidson. Feel the salty ocean breeze and the warm sun as you stroll through the country’s most incredible scenery. A true American experience.
We suggest allowing ten days for this trip, but it could easily be longer. Starting in Los Angeles, stops might include Santa Barbara, McWay Falls, Big Sur, Monterey, and Carmel by the Sea, just to name a few.
With San Francisco as your destination, you will be treated to spectacular views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the city by the bay. This scenic trip is a must on any traveler's list.

African Safari "The Big Five"

The word “big” takes on a whole new meaning in Africa. You will understand what we mean when faced with the Kaffir buffalo, the African lion, or a black rhinoceros. And of course, there is the biggest of them all, the great African elephant.
With a safari of at least four days, you will be able to search and find majestic wildlife in some of the most beautiful corners of the African continent. One of those corners is the Ngorongoro crater in northern Tanzania. The other perfect destination to see the big five is in Kruger National Park in South Africa.
Malawi is a rising star on the continent and boasts an incredibly varied landscape, including forests, plains, mountains, and a beautiful crystalline lake. Malawi is also one of the best places to experience the African elephant, thanks to a recent relocation program.
Botswana is not far behind, with the Okavango Delta, an area mostly flooded when it is the rainy season, is also a place to see these extraordinary animals up close.
The big five await you, but there are several other species worthy of admiration in Africa. Once you have experienced an authentic African Safari, we guarantee you will be back for more.

In the land of Genghis Khan

Majestic Mongolia, a place with a nomadic culture influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, is the home of the notorious Genghis Khan. He was commander of the Mongol Empire, which was the largest land empire in world history.
This vast area, complete with arid plains, snow-capped mountains, and the Gobi desert, is the perfect place to watch and contemplate the majestic and ancient art of hunting with eagles.
Enjoy the nomadic life under starry nights with a modernized version of a traditional Mongolian camp. Finding yourself in a space this remote is a true luxury.

Arabian nights

In Jordan, there is a space without equal, the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum. It is a beautiful rocky desert in an Arab country like no other.
The combination of beauty and history should put this destination at the top of any Pioneer traveler’s list. Ancient sites such as Madaba, Mount Nebo or Jerash, will make you feel history at your feet.
Passage after passage as you wind your way through the narrow valley, you eventually arrive at majestic Petra, the Nabataean Kingdom's ancient capital. The Khazneh and the Deir, two spectacular buildings carved out of the rock, are Petra's most famous sites. But the real magic happens at night when the ancient city glows by candlelight.
Discover the famous King's Highway, where the Nabataeans, Romans, and Crusaders have all passed. Push further to Kerak Castle, an excellent example of Crusader architecture that dates back to 1142. See Arabia in a whole new light.

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