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- IATA Travel Pass -

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced that it is in the final phase of the IATA Travel Pass. This Covid-19 digital health pass will help expedite a secure reopening of all borders.
Governments have begun to use the tests to mitigate the risk of importing Covid-19 when reopening their borders to travelers and as an alternative to quarantine measures. The IATA Travel Pass is an instrument that will securely verify the tests’ accuracy and the vaccination record between governments, airlines, laboratories, and travelers.
Travel Pass combines four interoperable open source modules for a comprehensive solution:
• Global Health Requirements Registry: Allows passengers to find accurate information on health requirements for tests and vaccinations to travel.
• Global registry of testing and vaccination centers: passengers will have a list of the nearest authorized centers and laboratories for testing or vaccination.
• Lab App: This application allows authorized laboratories and centers to share testing and vaccination certificates with passengers securely.
• Contactless travel app: this app allows passengers (1) to create a “digital passport,” (2) to receive tests and vaccination certificates, in addition to verifying that they are the requirements of their itinerary, and (3 ) share them with airlines and authorities to simplify travel procedures.

This application will improve the overall travel experience, allowing people to manage all documents digitally.

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Source: IATA 

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