How to Travel in COVID-19 Times

- Traveling in COVID-19 Mode -

Here are our suggestions and recommendations regarding the ‘new’ way of traveling and the protocols introduced for a safe journey, starting from your home to your destination.


Depending on your departing country, rules and regulations will vary. We will facilitate accordingly.


Airport personnel will take your temperature upon entering the premises.
Physical distancing measures will likely be in place and all travelers encouraged to maintain 6 ft between other persons.
Office supplies and electronic equipment or devices are assigned for personal use. In case of alternation, determine cleaning and disinfection guidelines between shifts.


On the plane and during the flight: planes are sanitized before boarding. The airlines will require passengers to wear a face mask at all times. The mask will be required to cover your mouth and nose.
Certain airlines will provide free kits for passengers with supplies such as: gloves, sanitizer , and non-surgical masks.
Cabin service (food and beverages) may be limited for your safety, depending on the airline.
Passengers will not be able to move freely in the cabin to protect their safety.


Transfer & Tours

Before your arrival, our private driver will have appropriately sanitized and disinfected your transfer vehicle.
There will be a prevention plan that will include a series of requirements and actions to prevent infections and a cleaning plan. The working group will be trained with this plan to ensure their experience.
They will be implemented with cleaning and disinfection kits for customers. The minimum possible contact and constant use of the mask will be taken into account.
Constant contact with food and drinks will be avoided to protect the safety of the client.


Temperature checks upon entry and social distancing measures will likely be in place.
Cleaning is done more frequently in common areas such as reception, elevators, lobby, restaurants, bars, etc.
They will have a prevention plan against COVID-19 that includes a checklist and actions to prevent the spread of infection.

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