• (epiku rɛ or, -r ɛ a); masculine-feminine noun
  • from the Greek " epicurus "
  • person who seeks the pleasures of life
  • person who enjoys the senses, smells, and flavors

Synonyms: connoisseur, gourmet, hedonist, refined.

The Scottish experience

What's the first thing you think of when you hear Scotland? Most people might say golf or Loch Ness. Scotland today is so much more than that, thanks to a recent movement of Scottish born tastemakers returning home.
Enjoy a new wave of Scottish cuisine as chefs combine traditional dishes with modern methods and fresh ingredients. The beautiful islands and lakes of the Scottish Highlands are the perfect backdrop to a fine meal and wee dram of scotch.
Don't be shy while immersing yourself in Scottish culture. We wholeheartedly believe that the local dishes taste better when wearing a traditional kilt.

The art of winemaking

Croatian winemakers hold ancient secrets to the art of winemaking, and their vineyards are still one of the best-kept secrets of Europe. Be amazed by the enormous variety and complex flavors of Adriatic wines along the coast of Croatia. Each region has its specialty, and production volume remains low, so the only way to try these is to visit.
Pair these delicious wines with local fish, oysters, and other fresh seafood. The Dalmatian coast awaits you with a raised glass of fine wine.
Discover the quiet island of Korcula, the sunny island of Hvar, and wind your way through Split's narrow streets. Venture further up the coastline for impressive natural sites such as the Plitvice Lakes National Park in the Lika region. This area offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. Here you might see brown bears, wolves, and eagles among the tall pines and firs.
Make your way to Zagreb, where you can sample various delicious local foods distinctly different from those of the coast. The cuisine here might resemble hearty dishes from neighboring countries to the north, such as Austria or Hungary. With so much variety in this relatively small country, Croatia is an excellent destination for the Epicurious traveler.

Asian gastronomic Safari

Enjoy the intense flavors of Asia on a grand tour through some of the continent's most dynamic capitals. The range of tastes and styles offers a food safari like no other.
Bangkok is a must for any for the Epicurious traveler. The city of Muy Thai and exotic critters has something for every palate. The best Vietnamese Pho is in Ho Chi Minh City, but if it’s a bowl of vermicelli and fried eel you’re seeking, then Hanoi is the right place for you.
Of course, China offers a seemingly endless array of options for the Epicurious. A trip to Beijing isn’t complete without trying duck. A visit to Shanghai calls for xiaolongbao, a type of steamed bun. Finally, Hong Kong, influenced by Cantonese cuisine, offers an exceptional diversity of foods.

“Vive la France”

Well known for its gourmet cuisine and wines, France is the quintessential stop that every foodie must do. Let us introduce you and guide you through the French culinary hotspots.
At the southern end sits Provence. The local cuisine is simple but based on fresh seasonal ingredients. Several dishes require spices unique to the region.
Heading north, we make our way to Burgundy, known for bold red wines and red meat. This region's fertile lands are perfect for growing the grapes that have made burgundy so famous worldwide.
From the region that named Champagne's exquisite sparkling wine, it would be a shame to miss a real champagne tasting during a visit to France.
And we culminate in the city of love, Paris. With its classic outdoor cafes and Parisian “Haute Cuisine,” it is a “must-do” for any traveler, especially for the Epicurious.
History, culture, food, nature and the "joie de vivre". What’s not to love about France?

From tapas to Picasso

Experience authentic Spain through its gastronomy. Let us show you diverse Spanish cuisine in all its glory.
One dish that likely comes to mind is the famous Valencian paella, a traditional Spanish dish that has traveled worldwide.
Vamos to the market for the start of our Catalan food tour in beautiful Barcelona. Prepare to try exqueixada, a traditional salad of cod, tomatoes, olives, and peppers that is busting with flavor.
The best place to experience tapas is undoubtedly in Madrid, where the options are seemingly endless.
In the northwest of the country, Galician cuisine offers some of the best seafood dishes with the absolute freshest ingredients.
Staying on the north coast, we travel to the beautiful Basque country. The variety of ingredients paired with an abundance of fresh fish makes this one of the world's most unique food destinations.
Last but certainly not least is Andalucia in the south of Spain. This region is home to the best-cured ham. Pair that with delicious fermented olives and a glass of Spanish wine for the ultimate gastronomic combination to finish your tour of Spain.

Cucina “Cosa Nostra”

Italy is a paradise for the Epicurious, but unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy to find genuinely authentic Italian cuisine today due to over-tourism. We are here to show you the real thing.
Take an unforgettable journey through the most famous regions of Italy in search of authentic Italian cuisine.
Tuscany has so much to offer, both in terms of food and wine. The selection of olive oil from this region is also exceptional and adds fantastic flavor to local Tuscan dishes.
Pair a food tour with a stay in a beautiful boutique hotel or medieval castle. Activities such as golf, truffle hunting, and wine tasting are never far away.

Dine with the gods ( Greece )

His name is Dionysus - the Greek god of wine. Need we say more? Culinary tradition mixed with ancient Greece.
The Greek culinary influence goes beyond Europe and the Mediterranean, as its cuisine has been affected by Eastern and Western cultures.
Organic vegetables with feta cheese, fresh seafood, and famous gyros are just a small sample of the many traditional Greek foods.
Why not stay on a farm in Thessaloniki where you can participate in the olive harvest? Athens is a must for anyone interested in ancient Greek history and is home to the country’s spectacular rooftop restaurants. If it's the island life you’re seeking, then you are in the right place with Greece. We have you covered from Crete to Corfu.
Feel like a Greek hero and enjoy this great feast.

Is your mouth watering?

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