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We understand that flexibility is paramount in the age of COVID-19 and that unexpected things can happen before or during your trip. Either way, we are flexible, understanding, and attentive to the details.

December 2, 2020

What to expect when you travel again?

– COVID-19 Adaptations – Things To Expect In All Places. A face mask may be requested or required when 6 feet social distancing is...

December 2, 2020

COVID-19 Health Insurance

– COVID-19 insurance – In times of COVID-19, health insurance is more important than ever. The following information pertains to the travel insurance that...

November 20, 2020

How to Travel in COVID-19 Times

– Traveling in COVID-19 Mode – Here are our suggestions and recommendations regarding the ‘new’ way of traveling and the protocols introduced for a...

Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19

We are here to advise on the particular destinations open to you according to your residence and passport; There are various considerations to take into account, including official advice from your home country, insurance considerations, flight availability, entry restrictions to your destination country. Beyond this, we can also advise on what the experience will be like when you get there: the openness of restaurants, attractions, and restrictions based on the latest status.

We continuously monitor travel advisories and restrictions to the destinations in which we operate; If this advice changes in the run-up to your trip, we will notify you immediately. At that point, we can discuss the correct course of action, as detailed above.

During a trip, you must wash your hands frequently, cough or sneeze into the inside of the elbow or a tissue, and keep a physical distance from others. It is essential to follow the recommendations of the local authorities.

A certificate of immunity is currently not recommended by WHO but is subject to change.

Screening practices depend on the policies of each country and their analysis of the risks and benefits. Authorities may ask you to fill out a form to report your possible exposure to a case in the last two weeks and may check your temperature.

Laboratory PCR tests (molecular tests for SARS-CoV-2) immediately before departure or on arrival can provide information on travelers’ status. If testing is done, it should be accompanied by comprehensive COVID-19-specific monitoring.

If you have any symptoms or have had contact with people who have COVID-19, you may be subjected to physical examination and a COVID-19 test. Even if it does not test positive, an emergency phone number should be provided to you to call if symptoms appear later. The country should not charge you for:
– the examinations to determine health status;
– necessary vaccinations or protective equipment on arrival (if not posted at least 10 days before);
– adequate isolation or quarantine facilities;
– the certificates required at the point of entry documenting the measures applied; nor the luggage that you carry.

If you become ill during a flight, inform a flight attendant. You may be moved to a seat further away from others. Ask for information on how to get medical care and see a healthcare provider right away. If you are told that you must quarantine, you must be provided free and adequate facilities, and you cannot be asked to remain in isolation for more than 14 days.

If you want to change your dates, we will gladly seek all possibilities to find your suitable dates for whatever reason. Flexibility is paramount in these challenging times, and our goal is your satisfaction. Costs will be calculated based on changes to your original itinerary.

While everyone in the travel industry is doing their best to reduce the risk of viral transmission, travel is never entirely risk-free. Make sure your travel insurance adequately covers your itinerary by talking to your insurance provider. We also urge you to review the health and safety information provided to ensure that you know the precautions taken. Feel free to contact your travel expert if you have any questions about the above guide or your particular itinerary.

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