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In times of COVID-19, health insurance is more important than ever. The following information pertains to the travel insurance that VOLÉO provides.

How does Covid-19 travel insurance work?

The latest insurance that includes Covid generally covers travelers from the day after purchase until they return home. During that period, if you become ill and a doctor determines that you cannot travel (due to the virus or other illness), the trip cancellation and interruption benefits will be activated.
Insurance is affected if you, your host at your destination, a traveling companion, or a family member have tested positive for the virus.
If this happens before your departure, the policy will cover your prepaid travel expenses. If you or your traveling companion contracted Covid-19 while traveling and were diagnosed by a doctor, it would reimburse prepaid arrangements, such as accommodation, and cover additional airfare to return home, once a doctor deems that it is safe to travel. If you are asked to self-quarantine and unable to travel, travel delay coverage for accommodation, meals, and local transportation would also pay a set amount.
The policy generally covers medical expenses for up to one year, even after returning home, up to an amount set by the insurance company. Although the policy also states that a holder would have to exhaust their own health insurance benefits before seeking coverage under the travel insurance plan. Travelers should read these policies carefully to understand the benefits.
Many insurance policies include medical evacuation to a nearby facility, but will not necessarily transport you home.

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