• (kən-ˈten-dər); masculine-feminine noun
  • from the Greek " dynamikos "
  • one who seeks an office, honor, position, or award
  • person with a desire for physical activity, who seeks challenges

Synonyms: active, athlete, sportsman.

Cycling in Provence

Provence, located in the south of France, has ideal terrain for every type of cyclist. The region is a feast for all the senses; You will pass through beautiful quiet villages, olive groves, vineyards, and cherry orchards. For those looking for a challenge in Provence, one of France's (and possibly Europe’s) best climbs await - Mont Ventoux. Are you brave enough to conquer the top of this mountain?
You can follow the region's rivers and deserted mountain roads to fairytale hill towns like Roussillon, Menerbes, Oppede -le- Vieux, Bonnieux, and Lacoste.
Don't miss out on the lavender flower season, when Provence shines in splendid colors (Between mid-June and August).

Heli-skiing in New Zealand

New Zealand's famous Southern Alps with the iconic Mount Cook are ideal terrain for helicopter skiing. New Zealand has fantastic snow-capped mountains, many of which are only accessible by helicopter.
Most New Zealand heliski operators have hundreds of thousands of acres of skiing terrain and hundreds of slopes. The alpine terrain (no trees) is incredibly diverse, from easy, rolling terrain for powder beginners to steep open bowls, twisted slides, and jumping features.
Given that New Zealand has the highest per capita number of helicopters seems a crime not to go skiing or snowboarding via helicopter. One of the benefits of heliboarding and heli-skiing in New Zealand is that you don't have to be an extreme or expert skier or a hardcore snowboarder jumping out of the helicopter or jumping off cliffs. The ideal season is between July and September.

Surf in Bali (Indonesia)

The long list of famous surf spots means there is no shortage of waves for experienced surfers. There are also plenty of gentler surf spots for intermediate surfers and beach break options for beginner surfers.
Beyond the stunning beaches and magical temples, Bali has practically all kinds of natural beauty.
Glorious mountainous areas with lush vegetation, picturesque lakes, beautiful waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower gardens, gushing sacred rivers, and secret canyons make up the island's landscape.

Trekking in the Alps

When thinking about a hiking trip, it is impossible to ignore the impressive Alps.

This incredible mountain range extends through eight countries, but France, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy are the places with the most to offer.

With so many options to visit, it can be challenging to decide where to go. France’s Mont Blanc region, Zermatt & Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, Tyrol & the Dolomites in Italy are just a few of our favorites.

Each region is culturally unique and offers various options for beginners to professionals.

The great Carthaginian General Hannibal somehow managed to bring his army forces and their elephants over the Alps in the 2nd century BC to fight the Roman Empire army. The best way to truly understand the magnitude of this seemingly impossible feat is to see firsthand just how impressive this mountain range is.

Martial Arts in Japan

Come with us to the origins of martial arts. Commence a new practice or build on existing skills by training with local trainers.

Combine a trip to Japan with the study of one of Japan's famous martial arts. Choose from aikido, iaido, judo, and karate.

Visit a traditional martial arts school to see the practice of an authentic master.

Japanese martial arts are known for their "bushido" virtues of loyalty, discipline, compassion, and devotion.

This beautiful country is so much more than just the ancient martial arts and offers visitors incredible opportunities to learn about Japans’ rich culture and history. Two places that are a must on any Japan itinerary are Tokyo and Kyoto.

Rafting in Alaska

Follow in the footsteps of gold prospectors in Alaska to explore the beautiful nature of this region.

Trips range from a simple half-day on the Yukon River from downtown Whitehorse to a more extensive 7-8 day (or more) adventure on Alaska's different rivers (Yukon, Teslin, Big Salmon, Nitsutlin).

The queen of canoe tours is the trip from Whitehorse to Dawson City. Relive the past in the adventures of the present. The Yukon River is best known for assisting gold prospectors during the exciting Klondike Gold Rush. You will see ancient relics of various steamers, old huts, and gold dredgers on the banks of the river. As you paddle down this fast-flowing river, you'll canoe past famous Yukon spots, including Lake Laberge, the Thirty-Mile River, and Hootalinqua.

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