Bamboo plates and cutlery, now at Singapore Airlines

- Bamboo plates and cutlery -

December 1, Singapore Airlines and its partner SilkAir began to use 100% sustainable tableware that generates 60% less waste.  The new policy applies to all flights up to three and a half hours. In total, the airline will offer forty new dishes, such as congee (rice porridge), laksa (noodle soup with fish and seafood), and mee siam (fried rice noodles with meat sauce and garnish).

The SIA group declares that the weight of the new materials is 50% less, resulting in lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. The eco-friendly materials are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and derive from a variety of ecological and sustainable plantations.

SATS, the catering company that serves 80% of the airlines that serve the Singapore Changi airport, will recycle the materials into pellets to be reused as fuel.

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Source: Singapore Airlines

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