/path-fahyn-der/ (noun)

One who walks ahead to explore new paths; seeks extraordinary destinations to widen their own horizon; strives for deep insights into history of other cultures.

synonyms: explorer, discoverer, trail blazer

Example Trips

  • Myths and Sagas of the Vikings in Iceland

    Discover the home of the Vikings shaped by the forces of fire and ice. Dive into this mystic Nordic culture and explore the unique landscape of Iceland with its volcanoes and waterfalls.

  • In Darwin’s footsteps

    Explore the Galapagos archipelago and discover how the islands inspired Darwin’s theory of Evolution. Experience wildlife up close and a landscape untouched.

  • The true Brazilian Carnival

    Experience the original carnival outside the typical tourist tracks, dance to the rhythms of samba and enjoy the Brazilian hospitality and zest for life.

  • On the trails of Marco Polo

    Discover Asia following the tracks of Marco Polo. Deep dive into China and let your imagination be inspired by its nature, culture and history.

  • Highway No. 1 Harley Experience

    Two legends who were made for each other. Jump on a Harley and experience the freedom of cruising along the scenic Highway No. 1.

  • Big game safari in Africa

    Join us on a safari and experience extraordinary wildlife encounters. From elephants to lions, from giraffes to hippos we will make it happen for you.

  • In the land of Genghis Khan

    Discover Mongolia’s vast and majestic emptiness. Experience the nomadic culture and life of the descendants of Genghis Khan.

  • From Gauchos To Evita

    Discover beautiful and diverse Argentina. Experience vibrant Buenos Aires and tour the country from La Pampa to the glaciers of Patagonia.

Ready to explore the extraordinary?


/ep-i-kyoo r-ee-uh s/ (noun)

One who lives in the constant pursuit of great food, drink and open-minded adventure; loves to experience new cultures through all facets ranging from arts to culinary delights; enjoys amenities of life and always on the hunt for the next best bite.

synonyms: foodie, tastemaker, connoisseur, gourmand

Example Trips

  • The Scotch Experience

    Visit the country of the highlanders and discover the world of Scotch. Tour amazing Scottish countryside while visiting the most famous distilleries.

  • The Art of Winemaking

    Explore the ancient secrets of winemaking while visiting the best vineyards in Croatia. It’s not the biggest wine producer in the world but it’s certainly one of the best kept secrets of the wine world.

  • Asian Food Safari

    Hop on, hop off. Get ready for a wild ride of food tastings throughout Asia.

  • “Vive la France”

    History, culture, food, nature… Experience the best of France and find your personal “Joie de vivre”.

  • From Tapas to Picasso

    Explore the numerous national and natural treasures of Spain. Let our insiders bring you behind the scenes of a culturally packed destination.

  • “Cosa Nostra” Cuisine

    Italy has so much more to offer than just pizza, pasta and wine. Experience the insiders view of urban centers like Rome and Milan and all the villages in between

  • Dining with Gods (Greece)

    His name is Dionysos. He’s the Greek God of wine. Need we say more?

  • Arabian Nights

    Dive into the Arabian culture and explore fascinating Jordan – rich in heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

Ready to spice things up?


/kuh n ten-der/ (noun)

One who travels the world in pursuit of athletic endeavors; always on the search for an active challenge in the world´s most beautiful destinations; combines luxurious traveling with a healthy amount of daily activities.

synonyms: player, activist, game changer, competitor

Example Trips

  • Heli-Skiing in New Zealand

    One of our favorite destinations for Heli-skiing. The South Island offers not only great terrain but also endless opportunities for other outdoor activities.

  • Biking in Provence

    Gorgeous Provence offers great rides for every skill level. Of course, the local food and wine culture doesn’t hurt either. Can you conquer the Mont Ventoux?

  • The Inca Trail

    Follow the footsteps of the ancient Incas on the famous Inca trail. Hike through gorgeous mountain scenery and rainforests to your rewarding destination – the mystic Machu Picchu.

  • Surf/Kite camp in Brasil

    You want some of the best possible surf and kite conditions. We bring you to the greatest spots in the Americas.

  • Hiking the Alps

    If you are looking for great hiking trails, the Alps are hard to beat. Whether you want to sample the region or cross the range entirely a la commander Hannibal, we will make it happen.

  • Canoeing in Alaska

    Experience the wild nature of the Alaskan Yukon and travel by canoe on the famous Gold Rush trail. Test your skills on the 5 finger rapids.

  • Martial Arts in Japan

    Come with us to the origins of martial arts. Start a new practice or improve your skills by training with local instructors.

  • Sailing Polynesia

    Discover picturesque Polynesia by boat. Hop on your private sail boat and explore lonely islands while diving in the clear blue water of the Pacific.

Ready to actively conquer the world?

Soul Soother

/sohl sooth-er/ (noun)

One who seeks pure relaxation to compensate for a stressful daily life; strives for the perfect balance of mind and body; Serenity, wellbeing, and downtime are of utmost importance.

synonyms: rejuvenater, relaxer, big chill

Example Trips

  • Honeymoon in Bora Bora

    Enjoy a honeymoon in picturesque Bora Bora. Sleeping in is encouraged when staying in an overwater bungalow. A truly luxurious retreat.

  • European Island Escape

    Discover the beauty of the Greek islands and enjoy the famous Greek hospitality. You’ll soon realize why Greece is the land of Gods.

  • India Yoga Retreat

    Travel to the origins and take a deep dive into yoga. Train with yoga gurus while exploring pulsating India.

  • Epic Northern Lights

    Come and observe mother nature’s most spectacular light show. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

  • Island hopping in Croatia

    Get to know the most beautiful islands of Croatia. Relax in the sun, snorkel through crystal clear water or simply enjoy a beautifully quiet coastal village.

  • Mystical Bali

    Get ready to relax and charge your batteries. Bali is known for its yoga and meditation retreats but gets bonus points for natural beauty in the form of iconic rice paddies, forested volcanic mountains, beautiful beaches and coral reefs.

  • Caribbean Gems

    Sail through the vibrant Caribbean on the paths of the Pirates. Experience the local zest for life or simply kick back and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

  • The Tibetan Elevation

    We bring you to the heart of Buddhism to experience life changing meditation. Get inspired.

Ready to rejuvenate yourself?

Thrill Seeker

/thril see-ker/ (noun)

One who partakes in extreme sports or activities involving physical risk; always on the hunt for unique and extraordinary experiences; seeks an unfiltered and atypical adventure.

synonyms: adventurer, adrenalin junkie, “Chuck Norris” traveler

Example Trips

  • Survival trips around the world

    Test and expand your skills on a survival trip in a remote location. Together with an experienced survival coach you will be tested to your limits under extreme conditions.

  • Wild gorilla observation in Central Africa

    Trek through the misty rainforests of Uganda for a close encounter with gorillas. Few experiences are as humbling as being in the Gorillas natural habitat.

  • Polar expedition in the Arctic

    Explore with us the raw beauty of the arctic and learn from the locals about life in this unforgiving environment.

  • Untouched Greenland

    Discover the wild side of Greenland, our preferred playground for arctic adventures. Better pack an extra layer.

  • Motorbike desert crossing in Africa

    Ever fantasized about competing in a rally like Dakar? Let us take care of the bike and the camps while you focus on mastering the challenge of the desert.

  • Mountaineering in Nepal

    Come with us to the roof of the world and discover the wild mountains of the Himalayas with our experienced mountain guides. Bring your mountaineering skills to the next level.

  • Kazakhstan outdoor challenge

    Discover the wild, empty and breathtaking landscape of Central Asia while exploring stunning Kazakhstan. Definitely not your average adventure trip.

  • Jeep Safari in the Amazonas

    Looking for an off-road adventure deep into the heart of the Amazon? We’ll handle logistics while you tackle the obstacles.

Looking for that extra adrenalin kick?