Situated in Eurasia, this former Soviet republic and darling of the region is quickly moving up on people’s must-see list and for good reason. The capital, Tbilisi, showcases the Georgia of yesterday and today with narrow leafy streets and well preserved churches interspersed with galleries, clubs and inviting bars and restaurants. A visit to the Georgian countryside will reward you with gorgeous mountain views and remote hilltop churches. The landscape just begs the visitor to get out and hike or find the nearest mountain bike. Be sure to sample the flavorful wines during your visit. Georgia is home to the oldest wine culture in the world, proving the old adage that some things really do get better with age. .


Whether visiting the high altitude capital of Bogota or the colonial old town of Cartagena on the coast, there is a vibrancy in Colombia that is undeniable. A true adventurer’s paradise, Colombia offers sun soaked Caribbean coastline, tropical rain forests, and high altitude lakes among snow-capped mountains. Adventures are limited only by your imagination. Beyond that, one can only expect to be charmed by the well preserved architecture, rich history of civilization and warm hospitality of the people.


Unfettered and pristine nature best sum up Greenland. Unlike most of the world, getting around by vehicle will not be the standard here. Instead, it’s mainly by boat, helicopter, skis or dogsled. The challenge of getting here is rewarded with unmatched opportunities for connecting with nature however you choose. Highlights include salmon fishing, sea kayaking, rock climbing and ski touring just to name a few. As enchanting as the landscape is, so too is the fascinating blend of cultures between the Inuit and the Danes who make up the modern Greenlandic society.