Famous for the spectacular beaches, world class-diving, lush jungles, and super friendly locals, Thailand is one of the most sought-after destinations in Asia. Thanks to its unique geography, the country also has a very diverse cuisine that varies from region to region.

Join us on a delicious journey through the country where you will take a deep dive into the Thai food scene learning to prepare dishes like a local. Accompany local chefs on their daily trips to the markets and learn how to prepare the most authentic and delicious meals. We promise that you will never see your local Thai food the same way again after a trip like this.

We will be happy to walk you through your perfect Thailand itinerary, taking into consideration your preferences, budget and timeline. Aside from the experience of learning extensively about the local food culture, annual festivals can also provide a memorable experience and insight to the local culture. The Thai people love their festivals and we love planning trips in order to experience them.