We’re big fans of the Patagonia region for many reasons, but mostly for the phenomenal scenery and the many ways in which to enjoy it. Our preferred method is on a good old-fashioned hiking trip. This amazing region at the southernmost tip of South America encompasses a large portion of Argentina and Chile. It is dominated by its towering granite mountains, pristine aqua-blue lakes, and impressive glaciers.

Patagonia is considered to be an outdoor Mecca for active travelers and adventurers. The seemingly endless list of activities available include hiking, rock climbing, cycling, paddling, skiing, and wildlife viewing just to name a few. This iconic region is also home to the world’s smallest deer, endangered wild cats and the massive Andean Condor.   Forhikers especially, Patagonia does not disappoint. One of the most famous hikes onthe entire continent is a 4-day trek in the stunning Torres del Paine National Park with exceptional views of the Grey Glacier. This trek should be on every hiker’s bucket list!