Beyond the Caribbean or the Pacific, even the most seasoned island hopper will quickly realize that the Maldives are different in the best possible way. The sheer remoteness of the islands combined with near perfect tropical temperatures year-round provide the ultimate ingredients for unparalleled tranquility and relaxation. Each resort has its own sandy island adding to the feeling of exclusivity. If “barefoot luxury” is what you’re seeking, this is the place.

Just below the iconic water bungalows found throughout the islands, there is a breathtaking underwater world that awaits snorkelers and divers. Expect to see manta rays, turtles, whale sharks and countless other brightly colored fish. Top it off with some pampering at a world-class spa and you’ll forget the stress that brought you there in the first place.

Worried you might get a little antsy on your castaway island? There are plenty of other adventures to be had, ranging from a sailing excursion to deep sea fishing. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, give sea plane surfing a try.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, a retreat after the holiday season, or simply looking to add a new spectacular diving destination to your list. A trip to the Maldives is the perfect answer.