Malawi reminds us of an indie band that is just about to burst on to the scene. On the one hand, we want to keep the secret to ourselves for fear of spoiling a good thing and on the other hand we can’t help but show our enthusiasm for this gem that we know will become a huge hit.

For a relatively small country, Malawi has an exceptionally diverse landscape with something for every traveler. For those seeking action and adventure, there are amazing hiking and mountain biking options throughout the highlands and around the country’s highest peak, Mulanje Massif.

Spectacular Lake Malawi along the eastern border offers great opportunities for sailing, kayaking and any other water sport you can imagine. But the real treasure lies below the surface of the crystal clear waters, which are home to more species of fish than any other lake in the world. Soak up the scenery with a freshwater diving excursion.

Those looking to relax by the water with a good book can explore the golden beaches or simply enjoy the magnificent scenery. Whatever activities you choose, we highly recommend that you make time to sample the local Malawian gin which pairs perfectly with a majestic sunset.

Of course, no trip to this part of Africa would be complete without a safari experience. Malawi offers wildlife excursions by boat, 4X4 vehicle or on foot. Unlike many of its neighboring countries, you won’t have to deal with crowds in the parks and reserves. In fact, you won’t have to deal with crowds at all during your stay in Malawi. Even the capital has a relaxed vibe thanks to friendly locals and few tourists. This is sure to change as word gets out, so you better get there soon!