Why aren’t there any itineraries on your site?

Great question with a simple answer. We recognize that no two clients are alike and neither are their travel preferences. Every trip we design is catered specifically to each client’s specific needs and wishes. Our process is designed to identify those needs quickly and painlessly.



Why choose VOLÉO over doing it on my own?

Curating your own private trip can be a very time consuming process that will likely involve a few headaches along the way. We at Voléo are experienced and passionate travelers with regional expertise around the globe. We take care of each and every detail making your trip special and unforgettable and our process is designed to be 100% stress-free.



Where in the world do you offer trips?

Our international team has travelled to every corner of the world. This enables us to provide to our customers every destination in the world. If we haven’t been there, we will personally scout it out to maintain our high standards.



What if I fit into more than one travel type?

No problem, you’re not alone. Most often our itineraries take at least two “types” into consideration. By starting the process with this question, we are able to quickly hone in on the right mix of events and services for your perfect trip. We also recognize that certain destinations lend themselves to certain activities and we see it as our responsibility to share that information early in the planning process.



Who travels with VOLÉO?

Our clientele is very diverse in terms of background, age and geography. We design multiple types of trips ranging from: romantic honeymoons, families looking to reconnect, small groups looking for that extra adrenalin kick on an expedition to corporations offering incentive trips to their top performers.



How much should I budget for a trip?

The majority of our customers spend about 500-1,000 USD per person per day depending on the region and travel style. Occasionally we have clients looking for that extra special experience that may involve a private island here and a private jet there. In these cases, the sky is the limit.

How does the planning process work?

Everything starts with you and your interests. All we need are some indications from you regarding the kind of trip you want. Please see our request form here. When we receive your request our team will begin working on a couple of ideas to be presented to you on a call. If you like our proposal we will ask you to deposit a planning fee ensuring your commitment. When we receive the deposit we commit all necessary resources to curate your personalized trip. See more details about the process here.



How far in advance should I book?

Honest answer is the sooner the better. We will always do our best to arrange last-minute trips but very special hotels tend to get busy 6-9 months in advance and boats/ charters/ planes might need even more planning in advance.



How do you charge for your services?

After our initial consultation to assess your perfect trip, we ask for a non-refundable planning fee of 500 USD.  Once that is received we commit all our resources to develop your perfect itinerary. After obsessing over the details and getting your final approval, we ask for a 50% deposit of the total trip price. Finally, 60 days prior to departure we ask for the remaining balance. our trips are priced to include as much or as little as you would like. Our Terms & Conditions give you additional information regarding our pricing and payment policies.



Do you create trips for families?

Yes, we are very experienced with family trips and know how to incorporate the needs of little ones and not so little ones. Whether it’s for a couple with a new baby or a multi-generational group looking to re-connect in the land of their ancestors, we have family trips covered.



What about corporate or incentive travel?

Corporate travel is equally exciting for us to plan. If you are looking for an unforgettable incentive for your company or group, you are in the right place.



Can you make flight arrangements?

Absolutely. As a provider of tour packages, we’re happy to include flights into the mix. Your travel designer will discuss the different options based on timing and destination. Do you prefer to use your own plane? No problem. We’re quite familiar with private airports, handlers, pilots and crew.



What does a trip with you include?

We consider ourselves to be a full service provider. Therefore, our trips cover you from the moment you arrive at your destination until your final departure. All transfers, accommodations, tours and local guides are included. We are more than happy to also book your international flights to your destination.



Do you provide travel insurance?

We do – especially as some more adventurous trips might not be covered by your own insurance. Please ask your travel designer if you should consider purchasing extra insurance for your trip.



What kind of support do you provide before and during trip?

Prior to your departure you will be provided with all pertinent contact information on a final itinerary. This final itinerary will also contain detailed information on transfers, tours, and accommodations including contact persons and numbers in case of emergency.



What is my time commitment for the overall planning process?

We know how valuable your time is and we will do our best to gather and share information in an efficient manner. After our initial phone consultation you can plan on at least 2 more phone calls in between a series of emails. Our goal is to take the stress out of travel and to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for you.