Curious to learn more about where your ancestors came from? Would you like to learn about how they lived and if there is still some family ties to the old continent? With advancing information technology and recent advancements in DNA testing, it is easier than ever to research your family heritage. After the initial research at home, why not start exploring your history in person? Not only is it exciting to learn about your ancestry, but it’s also a great activity that can bring the whole family together. Of course, there’s the added bonus of experiencing a new culture and visiting the sights of your predecessors. Our experts love to connect the present to the past with tailor made itineraries. The options are limitless as we connect you to small villages and major cities throughout Europe. Some of our most popular destinations include Ireland, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia. For a family reunion, it doesn’t get any more authentic than a trip to the place where it all began.