If the preserved medieval villages don’t win you over, the crystal-clear waters will. The beauty of Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is no longer a secret but thankfully we know of afew spots to get away from the crowds. Blessed with seemingly endless sunshine, dramatic mountains and one of Europe’s longest coastlines, Croatia manages to offer something for everyone, making it a perfect destination for families.

Be it a road trip or travel by boat, Croatia always delivers. Kids can easily connect with nature in one of the many national parks or the impressive bear sanctuary. Watersports such as sailing, windsurfing, and SUP’ing are always popular and easily accessible. Other outdoor adventures such as hiking, white-water rafting, and exploring some of Europe’s most impressive caves will keep the kids busy by day and tired at night.

The food culture is a unique blend of Mediterranean and Eastern European, influenced by its many neighboring countries and the different nations that have ruled the area throughout history. Perhaps the best kept secret of Croatia is its exceptional wine culture. Much of the wine is produced in small batches and rarely exported so the only way to really experience it is with a local tasting. And in case you’re wondering, Cheers in Croatian is “živjeli”, pronounced Zhee-ve-lee.