No matter the language or location, next month is a time for Carnival celebrations around the world. And while places like Venice and New Orleans put on a great show, there is simply no comparison to the party that takes place in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is arguably the most famous destination for Carnival but if it’s a big party you’re seeking than Salvador is the place. Often called the “world’s greatest party”, it is estimated that there are 1.5 million people dancing on the streets at any one time. Unlike in Rio, which is very much a spectator event, Salvador encourages participation.

Here’s a quick overview. There are two main parade routes in Salvador, each officially lasting for a week.  The route in the center of town is about 7km long and the other runs along the beach for about 4km. Throughout the day, several blocos crawl their way down the procession. Within each bloco there is a large truck outfitted with a powerful sound system and musicians. Each bloco has its own costume and security personnel who have cordoned the area around the slowly moving block party. Entrance is allowed only to those wearing the appropriate costume. For perspective, some of the larger blocos will have a few thousand revelers within the security rope and each day there are hundreds of trucks that make their way down the parade route. For anyone looking to maximize comfort, there is the option to view the parade from one of several raised viewing areas, called camarotes. They all have bar and bathroom services along with security to ensure there are no intruders.

We recommend opting either for a spot inside a camarote or for a costume to one of the blocos for the best possible experience. We can also arrange for our local guides to give you the complete insider’s view of Carnival including visits to samba schools, technical rehearsals and even a family-friendly option of participating in a children’s parade complete with carnival costumes. Regardless of how you decide to experience Carnival in Brazil, you won’t regret it. The sights and sounds will awaken your senses. It simply is one of those experiences that needs to be seen to be believed and as far we know the only place where you can be dancing with 1M+ other people. Of course, a trip to Carnival is also a great excuse to experience the many other wonders that Brazil has on offer such as gorgeous beaches, warm hospitality and endless sunshine. So what are you waiting for?