A trip to the American west is the perfect opportunity to find your inner cowboy if only for a short while. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life for the wide-open skies of an American ranch. The west is dotted with several of these properties but not all are created equal so its important to choose wisely.

With thousands of acres at your disposal and professional staff at your service, these locations are a great opportunity to learn a new activity such as fly fishing, horseback riding, canyoneering and even archery. More traditional resort activities such as golf, tennis and even a spa treatment can be had as well. The actual accommodation can range from a basic lodge to a luxurious resort but the theme of being outdoors and staying active remains the same

By focusing on the great outdoors and keeping the list of activities long and interesting, these properties are a great opportunity to focus on something you otherwise wouldn’t take the time to do. Not coincidentally, they also provide an excellent opportunity for families and loved ones to connect with each other, away from the noise and the workload of daily life.